Luxury Home Staging

Campion Interiors

Working exclusively with the clients of Paul Grover

Founded by Leigh McInerney, Campion Interiors is a distinguished luxury home staging and interior design firm dedicated to transforming properties into stunning spaces that captivate home buyers. From decluttering and organizing to complete home staging, their meticulous approach revolves around highlighting the unique features of each property and creating an environment that resonates with today's luxury buyers. 

Recognizing the power of presentation in the real estate market, our exclusive partnership with Campion Interiors provides clients with a competitive advantage, as research has shown that staged homes will often sell quicker and for higher prices than those that are not staged. Their expertise ensures that each property shows in its best light, whether in person or online, by introducing the latest design trends and calling attention to a home's best characteristics.

From the initial consultation and installation to the final move-out, we directly oversee the entire process for a seamless experience.

Services Offered:
  • Home Staging
  • Furniture Editing
  • Furniture Acquisition
  • Interior Design
  • Decluttering
  • Depersonalizing